mot-zen is a loosely defined series of mot designs that explore the natural and supernatural spirits found in deities, people, places and or things ... spirits that seat the emotion, character and soul.

the word zen was selected and applied to incorporate a full array of things spiritual in scope. 

all apologies to any misuse of the zen name and it's respectable, original meaning. 

© 2016 by mot, a.k.a. tom sawyer. all rights reserved.            

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~ 2 0 a n g e l s ~

A Design with Purpose ~ 2 0 a n g e l s ~ for the children of sandy hook On Friday, December 14th, 2012, our Nation awoke to the tragic news of the Sandy Hook School shooting in Connecticut, where 20 school children and 6 adult faculty members were fatally wounded by a lone gunman.

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