m o t ~ t o u r s

a slideshow tour of mot~art showcased in convenient and shareable formats


branding ~ m o t


The virtual~exhibit project

showcases a mixed collection

of m o t designs presented as

an array of Fine Art paintings and sculptures via both real

and digital interpretation.

 The branding m o t project showcases a variety of marketing, embellishing and branding concepts created to promote the m o t name and larger collection of m o t designs. This unique portfolio mix features an array of products & exhibits ... some real, some combinations of real and virtual, and a host of ground up artistic fabrications.

b a r t - a s - a r t 

The bart-as-art project is a  m o t educational tool and tribute to the arts and artists for endless inspiration and art history study.

© 2016 by mot, a.k.a. tom sawyer. all rights reserved.            

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