motzoo: a menagerie of  whimsical fine art animal creations by post pop artist, m o t

m o t - z o o

the mot-zoo series is a unique, fine art collection of animal creations by post pop artist, m o t. the distinguishing factor for this rising menagerie of whimsical designs are the purposely 'cut-out' forms for each animal shape... designs 'set free' from traditional canvas boxes, thus interpreted more as free floating sculpture.

one of the goals for the mot-zoo series is to produce each shape as a large painted form on metal... with a percentage of metal melted from chains, cages and metal animal traps. 

hopefully this series will serve in part as a fine art, artistic means to raise funds and bring awareness for animal endangerment and needed rescue.  so become a mot-zoo keeper and help set the captives free!







© 2016 by mot, a.k.a. tom sawyer. all rights reserved.            

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